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on November 27, 2013
*REVIEW* Vengeance (final book)by Rhonda Dennis
Going home resulted in heartache and turmoil, but Emily Boudreaux eventually healed and her spirit was awakened by the love of Sheriff Holden Dautry. Déjà Vu set in when Jackson Sonnier paid a visit to Green Bayou, but despite the unforeseen circumstances, she managed to overcome many obstacles to find a life with the man she loved. Then came the ultimate hurt, Emily was deceived by someone she thought she could trust. Now Vengeance will be hers….
This is the final book of the Green Bayou Novels series. It was bittersweet reading it. I’m super proud of Rhonda getting to this point and checking this off of her bucket l…ist but I’m going to miss my GB family! I have to say that I read really slow just to make it last longer. LOL It starts off with Emily & the whole crew in a race to find baby Kimberly. Although this book wasn’t as action packed or as “eventful” as some of the others in this series, it had it’s fair share of OMG, I KNOW SHE DIDN’T moments. I wanted to physically choke Holden’s mother more than once!  I laughed out loud at Em’s medic calls. Connie & Jackson are OMG a super hot couple!! The twists and turns are at every corner. What you think is, isn’t!! This book will keep you guessing till the very end!! She took every character/story and wrapped it up with a nice little Green Bayou bow! It was an amazing epilogue! One that I’ve never read before! It was the perfect epic end to a life changing series!!

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