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All For Maddie REVIEW

on December 7, 2013


REVIEW of All For Maddie by Jettie Woodruff by Jenny

5 AMAZING stars!!!

First I want to say, I was lucky to get an advanced copy for an honest review!

All I can say is holy smokes!!!! I was so drawn in, I couldn’t put it down!! It was like watching a train wreck but u can’t look away!! Whitley was raped, then manipulated, bribed & twisted into being a “family”! Just when I thought it was going one way, it went a whole other direction!! I wanted to shake Whit & ask her what the hell are you thinking?!!! I hated Alex so much! I wanted to kick him in the throat!!! I wanted to write him off but I couldn’t!! He was controlling, a complete ass but then he was sweet, caring, loving! No matter what he loved them!! I was shocked & surprised with the turn of events in the end!! I actually had tears in my eyes!! Great job!! This is a MUST read!!! -Jen


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