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Emerge by SE Hall Review

on December 7, 2013
REVIEW:  For Emerge    BY:  S.E. Hall by Tina
5 Stars
As childhood friends & sweethearts I fell in love with Laney & Evan. He loved her with all his heart. But things changed as they were headed to two different colleges. They agreed to be just friends because being a couple so far away from each other would be difficult. They agreed to stay in touch and see each other when they could. …
Then in walks Dane & that changes everything for her! Now she must choose between Evan a guy she has known basically her whole life or Dane the guy that is seductive, protective & that could make all her dreams come true.
As time goes on Evan & Laney drift apart thanks to her BFF Katelyn. I didn’t care for her in the beginning & I really didn’t like her in the  end.
As Laney struggles with her feelings for Dane & Evan through out the book. She finally Chooses who she wants to give her body ,soul & mind to and in that moment she surrenders to him.
I mean if a guy can say things like this and your heart does not flutter something is seriously wrong!
“I won’t share you, Laney. Not your lips, not your thoughts, not your body, and especially not your heart. You don’t have to give it all to me just yet, but give me nothing if any of it belongs to him.”
“Open your eyes, Laney, look at me. Make damn sure you know it’s me kissing you, and don’t you ever hide from it.”
Team Dane!!!  Tina

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