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Author Spotlight- S.M. Knowles

on December 29, 2013

sm knowles


Looking for a young adult, paranormal series? The Rylee Everley series is what you’re looking for!!

This weeks author spotlight is S.M. Knowles. She also writes as Aubrey Kendall in her new adult book “Runaway”. S.M. Knowles was born in Elmira, New York where she was swept away in a whirlwind to the Land of Oz—Independence, Kansas. Her parents were relocating for working opportunities and decided that this would be the perfect place to start new roots. Little did she know that this place would contribute to the inspiration for the first book she wrote in her Rylee Everley Series. At the age of twelve, she decided to write her first book. Filled mostly with dialog, she filled up one-hundred pages, front and back. After taking the book downstairs to show her mom, and persuading her to buy her more paper, she excitedly ran back to her room. As she barreled through the door, S.M. tripped over items left on her floor, and her papers came raining down in her room. Discouraged, she stood there in tears, picking up her papers and throwing them in the trash. Her work had no organization, no numbers on her pages, just a child fulfilling a joy that she would put down and not pick up again.

When she became older, she joined the military for something different. In that time, she was able to explore many places and even met her husband in Iraq. After coming home, she started her family in Arizona and went back to school, earning a Master’s degree in Adult Education and Training.

When asked what some of her favorite things, she said she can’t live with her coffee!! Starbucks is a must have! To start the new year off amazing, SM wants to share her love for coffee, books & shopping! So she will be gifting all of those!! Check out the giveaway to see all the goodies! Giveaway until Saturday, January 4, 2014, 12:00 pm cst. Good luck!!

*facebook is in no way responsible for this giveaway.

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