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Love In Between by Sandi Lynn-Review

on January 21, 2014

Love in Between
Love In Between by Sandi Lynn
Review by Jenny

4-4.5 Heartwarming STARS

This is the 1st book I’ve read by Sandi Lynn & OMG where has she been all my life?!! This book was so captivating! I was so drawn in by the characters and story! It’s a “feel good” story as I call it, where most of the book it’s heart warming!

It starts with Lily. She is a strong, loving, caring, hot woman who happens to get her heart broken on her wedding day by her sister, fiancé & mother, leaving her broken. Lily runs. She runs till she’s in the town with her 2 bffs, Gretchen & Giselle. We meet Sam & Luke, Lily’s neighbor. Luke is super hot, loving, caring & also broken. (I’ve added Luke to my book boyfriends list)! The combination of the two were astonishing! I love how Sandi has many twists going on, yet still manages to quickly resolve the issue and gets to the point! Not only was the main characters insanely awesome but I love the other characters also!

I loved the emotion this book brought! From the pain & hurt of heartache, abandonment & betrayal to the smiles & joys of love, passion & adoration! There is a second book coming soon but thankfully Sandi didn’t leave a huge cliffhanger! Awesome job!



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