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Jettie Woodruff-author spotlight

on February 9, 2014


She doesn’t write the fluffy all is well romance novels!! Her books are passionate, intense, raw & full of emotion!! This weeks author spotlight is on Jettie Woodruff!

Jettie is an erotica author that sucks you in from the start. She has a new release coming out March 15th called Underestimated Too. It’s the sequel to Underestimated. Starting March 1st, Jettie will have a group read for Underestimated. It’s a closed group because of the juicy nature of the book but if you want to join just click the link.

Jettie’s fav food in the world is fish. If fish is available, she’s eating it! She’s a very positive person. Jettie says she’s a happy person because she chooses to be. She absolutely hates flying, so international travel is a no go! When asked what are her fav things, she replied that she likes all things naughty & Amazon is the one stop shop for anything & everything including those naughty toys! Jettie is giving a $20 Amazon card, along with 4 ebooks!

1. I can’t sleep with the ceiling fan on, it makes me dizzy, even if my eyes are closed.
2. Chelsea Handler is my idol.
3. I have a potty mouth. The F bomb just falls out of my mouth, all by itself.
4. I love money. I’m sure I was rich in my past life. I want that life back.
5. I try very hard not to take life to serious. I don’t watch the news because it makes you feel bad. You can’t do anything about it. You can’t fix it, why depress yourself over it? I don’t get it.
6. I have met, and love many friends on Facebook.

Good luck! This giveaway ends Saturday, February 15th at noon cst. -Jen

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